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Logo en verde con letras blancas que dice "Crü Eat It Raw". Esta imagen se utiliza como imagen principal en la página de inicio.


The Raw Reality

On social media, everyone is happy. We all live in wonderful homes and our meals are the stuff of the finest restaurants. But offline, things are different: we get home late from work, we don’t feel like cooking, the supermarket is closed, etc. It’s…


Imagen de un calabacín humanizado sonriendo y levantando la mano, indicando su elección por el calabacín crudo. Acompaña al texto del blog que habla sobre la realidad caótica pero maravillosa de la vida cotidiana y cómo Crü puede hacerla más divertida y sabrosa.


Imagen de un calabacín humanizado sonriendo y levantando la mano, indicando su elección por el calabacín crudo. Acompaña al texto del blog que habla sobre la realidad caótica pero maravillosa de la vida cotidiana y cómo Crü puede hacerla más divertida y sabrosa.
Image of a humanized courgette winking, with a comic bubble saying 'Seek the most vital', referring to the slogan from The Jungle Book. This image accompanies a blog post that invites to prioritize health and take action today, highlighting how Crü can provide the energy and nutrients needed for an active and healthy life.

Are you tired of constantly putting off your health goals, saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “this’ll be the month”?


You don’t have to keep delaying it! Crü brings you a delicious and nutritious solution so you can take control of your life today.


No more excuses, it’s time to take action and prioritize your health. With Crü, you can feel the difference in both your body and mind. Get the energy and nutrients you need to stay active, stick to a balanced diet and achieve your health goals.


It’s time to take the first step towards a healthier and happier life with Crü! What are you waiting for? Get started today and discover how Crü can transform your life! 💪🥗🍎

Crü is the kitchen’s ultimate rebel with its intense and crunchy flavor!


It’s also rich in vitamins and you don’t have to worry about gaining weight while you enjoy it, as there are only 17 calories per 100 grams, making it your perfect ally.


Experience the freedom of being different!

Image of a box of freshly harvested courgettes. A hand is shown holding a humanized courgette that, through a comic speech bubble, says 'Excellent', referencing the product's quality. The slogan 'Crü, a wise choice' accompanies the image.
Striking graffiti featuring a humanized courgette smiling and celebrating, along with the text 'Better Crispy'. The image corresponds to a blog post encouraging not to postpone health goals and to start eating Crü today to feel the difference.

You don’t have to keep putting off your health goals and saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “this’ll be the month”.


Feel the crunch of reality and take control of your life today 😎


Start eating Crü and feel the difference!

Crü gives you the reality, well, the raw reality. That’s why, instead of boring you with endless text, we’ve created this #section.


It’s time to join the movement with people who are committed to an active, healthy and energized life.



Image of the back of a person wearing a t-shirt with the slogan 'Long live raw foodism!'. This image accompanies a blog post promoting an active, healthy, and energetic life through raw food.
Imagen del sello de calidad del calabacín Crü, otorgado como el mejor calabacín en Italia en 2022, elegido por los consumidores. Este sello se muestra en el blog y acompaña al siguiente texto: "¡Los tomates de color y Crü, dos productos destacados de la marca Deliziorti de Colle d’Oro, han obtenido otro reconocimiento de calidad al ganar el prestigioso QUALITY AWARD GOLD! Un panel de 300 evaluadores llevó a cabo un análisis sensorial de los productos, evaluando su sabor, apreciación global e intención de compra, y les otorgó una puntuación final de 'excelencia'. Estamos encantados de que estos productos hayan sido reconocidos una vez más por su alta calidad y sabor delicioso!

Colorful tomatoes and Crü, two outstanding products from Colle d’Oro’s Deliziorti brand, have received yet another recognition of their quality by winning the prestigious GOLD QUALITY AWARD!


A panel of 300 testers conducted a sensory analysis of the products, assessing their FLAVOR, OVERALL APPRECIATION and PURCHASE INTENTION, and awarded a final rating of “excellent”.


We are delighted that these products have once again been recognized for their high quality and delicious flavor!

CRÜ is a new zucchini that’s perfect for eating raw.

Crü es fácilmente

CRÜ can be easily identified by its marbled skin and appealing deep green color, which are accompanied by a smooth flavor with no bitterness. Hardy and with a long shelf-life, Crü maintains its fresh appearance longer than other zucchinis, making it appealing to today’s consumers who are becoming more health conscious as they strive to achieve an ideal happy, healthy and balanced lifestyle.


CRÜ is packed with great nutritional properties that are 100% preserved when consumed raw. The same, but raw, is not the same.

Imagen del sello de calidad del calabacín Crü, premiado como el mejor calabacín en 2022 según la elección de los consumidores. En la imagen, también se muestra un calabacín con una corona y haciendo un gesto de "soy el mejor". Esta imagen se encuentra en el blog y acompaña al siguiente texto: "CRÜ es un nuevo calabacín ideal para comerlo crudo. Crü es fácilmente reconocible por su piel jaspeada y su atractivo color verde, seguido de un sabor suave sin amargor. Sufrido y con una larga poscosecha, Crü mantiene su apariencia fresca por más tiempo que otros calabacines, atrayendo a los consumidores conscientes de la salud en su búsqueda de un estilo de vida feliz, saludable y equilibrado. CRÜ está lleno de propiedades nutricionales que se mantienen al 100% cuando se consumen crudas. Lo mismo, crudo, no es lo mismo.
Collage of images with yellow and green background, showing cut courgettes and the slogan 'Full of vitamins'. This image accompanies a blog post presenting raw courgette as a rebellious and nutritious superfood, rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A, magnesium, and fiber.

No more following the rules! 😎

Forget what you’ve heard about vitamins! Crü is more than just a boring vegetable full of vitamin C and potassium.


It’s a rebellious superfood loaded with surprises!


👉🏻 Rich in vitamin C and potassium, it also contains vitamin A, magnesium and fiber.


So don’t be content with being part of the herd, shake up your diet with Crü!


Be a rebel and eat me 🌱🔥

Long live natural, the earth, Crü and #BEREAL🤙🏻

Crü relies on specialized growers, where the warm climate provides the perfect environment for cultivation thanks to permanent light and mild temperatures.


It is harvested, packaged and delivered directly to the supermarket without the need for storage or processing. Natural, like life itself.

magen de la recolección del calabacín con una exclamación de cómic encima que dice 'be real'. Acompaña al texto del blog que habla sobre la naturalidad, la tierra, Crü y la importancia de ser real, y explica el proceso de cosecha y entrega de Crü.